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GlobalPost’s Susannah George reports from Erbil, Iraq:

It was a moment some thought would never come. 

US President Barack Obama ordered American troops back onto Iraqi soil. Granted, it’s only a few hundred this time, and they are ostensibly there just to protect the US embassy in Baghdad — a far cry from the thousands that flooded the country after the 2003 invasion.

Still, US troops in Iraq carry the baggage of that long, bloody war, a fact that is not lost on the average Iraqi.

"The situation is bad now, but the US [military] coming back, it will only get worse," said a young man who asked to be called Ibn al-Awja, a nickname meaning "son of al Awja," the town where Saddam Hussein was born. "Honestly, there is no future," he said, exacerbated.

No one asked these Iraqis what they thought about US troops coming back. So we did

Photo by AFP/Getty